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McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, primarily selling hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. More recently, it also offers salads, fruit, snack wraps, and carrot sticks.

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McDonalds Reviews

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  • "Damn Hot Mustard"

    I've been eating McDonalds chicken nuggets and hot mustard all of my life, until about 2 months ago when the cashier said we no longer offer this sauce. The employee said the regional manager says our district don't sell enough to keep it in stock. Reminder, I love hot mustard and have ate it for over 30 years..Its been 2 months and I have yet to buy anymore nuggets...That is some B.S. Get rid of great sauce and carry dumbshit for condiments... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    MGoins's Picture   MGoins    0 Comments   Comments
  • mcdonalds very rude employee !

    went to the ncdonalds on N West st in Jackson, MI. I ordered a number one and the drinks. The girl taking my order was incredibly rude. When i pulled up to the window she barely even acknowledged me. Did not greet me at all just stuck her hand out a half open window for my payment. Then handed me back my card without even looking at me or saying anything. I was waiting for my receipt and she just stood there with her back towards me like i wasnt even there. Finally i said excuse me can i have my receipt and she replied very rudely and said its at the window and shut the window in my face.... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Human hairs in my bag

    On Feb, 28 , 2014 Store# 31734 Telephone 317-896-1081 I arrived at McDonald's on 17650 Village Center Drive In 46062-7305 around 4:26 am. I placed my order and pulled forward to the first window and paid 12.08 on my Chase Credit Card. At that time there was another vehicle waiting to get there food. I pulled forward leaving my car running. I placed it in park and waited. After waiting for awhile I was able to move forward. As I approached the drive threw window I noticed an employ run to the restroom. I then again placed car in park. I waited for another 7 minutes and... More...
    Wtfp's Picture   Wtfp    0 Comments   Comments
  • BWI Mcdonalds Orientation

    They are telling you that this Mcdonalds owned by LaVan ENTERPRISES, INC PO Box 218, Timonium, MD 21094 stores 31398 & 31413 but office number 443-394-8141 is registered under Russian family of four, fax 443-394-6695 is some magic jack number you won't find that info on receipt. At Orientation I was harassed into giving away my bank account number with reasoning that I have to pay hefty fee in order to get a paycheck. They told me that they will not give me no free parking permit until I worked there for 2 weeks they asked me to wear black clothes and work without uniform, and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    adrinolink's Picture   adrinolink    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible mistakes

    Yesterday night on 21/2/14 @ around 10.00pm i went to mac donalds in wembley park, london with my wife for a meal. We are vegetarians by birth and had never ever had any non veg in my entire life not even by mistake. So as usual i ordered a veg meal. 1spicy veggie and 1 veg burger. And to. Y shocked and surpise and disguise i was being served chicken . It was in a wrap so i din noticed it.after swallowing the first bite i realized that something is wrong with the wrap inwent tonthe customer assistant immediately who took the wrap from my hand and went in to check and she returned... More...
    Dhyanesh123's Picture   Dhyanesh123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Eddystone, pa mcdonalds Food

    Today on 1/22/2014 at approx 11:20 pm, my husband went to Eddystone Mcdonalds to purchase 2 double cheeseburgers with added bacon and Big Mac sauce and 2 orders of fries. Do to past dissatisfaction, he was hesitant to go to Eddystone macdonalds but it would have been an inconvenience to go elsewhere. Well, low and behold not just the fries were ice cold this time... The bread was so stale it felt like it was toasted. The beef was ice cold, defiantly not meeting the pa 140 requirement. Last week, I was served coffee with my sugar served in a clear sandwich Baggie and to top it off, all of... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    SheenaVJ's Picture   SheenaVJ    1 Comments   Comments
  • Totally wrong burge

    I went to local brockton mcdonalds... After a 10 minute Wait (with only one person ordering in front of me) I ordered a habanero ranch quarter pounder and a small fry, within about twenty seconds a bag was placed between me and the person who was in front of me ... They did not tell us who it was for, I asked and then I get attitude answer , when I get home I found a stale breaded sandwich with old gross bacon onions and pickles and mustard , the only right thing on the burger was the fucking 2week old bacon. Already home so I will not be able to bring back. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • McDonalds Service in Switzerland , Wil

    Hi This week we ate twice in there (once drive in and once in the restaurant) . The Staff and waiting times for the food in Wil Kanton SG are absolutely unacceptable. Staff is totally unfriendly and under the pressure. Food, once you receive it after long time waiting is cold. Tables are never clean. What more... Today we went late. Decided at midnight to make a visit in Mc.... Again..Long waiting time, restaurant was dirty and messy, staff with opened hairs, covered just by kind of green baseball cap, for to prepare the food....non of all was using gloves or any other equipment to take... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    lula's Picture   lula    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mc Donald's

    Today at 1201 went to McDonald's in North Miami bought a Large Ice Coffee vanilla flavor. I was thirsty so I started drinking my Ice Coffee as I drove away from the drive through. I arrived at home in North Hollywood FL. put my groceries away while drinking my Ice coffee. I opened up my cup to dump the ice,while looking in the cup I seen three gnats/flies lying on the ice and on the cup side. Three flies total.I am nauseated as I write this complaint.This is so nasty!!!! How many did I eat/swallow? More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Jimmydewrag1's Picture   Jimmydewrag1    0 Comments   Comments

    Today 10/7/2013 at 5:56 pm while eating at McDonalds 2504 Orange Ave, Orlando, Fl 32806 I lost my pursue, it was hanging on the chair. When I realized that I did not have it, we decided to go back and ask for help requesting if somebody turned back to the counter a missing purse. Immediately, the person in charge, did not even looked or check with other employees for further information. I decided to go myself and ask the other two employees and one of them requested the frame of time when the situation happened. The employees went to the person in charge and they replied without any... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    lucycarmona's Picture   lucycarmona    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mcdonalds Egypt complaint

    I just ordered a chicken big mac sandwich WITHOUT CHEESE and I asked the workers more than once to make sure not to add cheese then when I went home I found the sandwich with double cheese and when I called the customer service they told us to go change it the day after and this isn't the first time to get a wrong order and if this mistake happened again i sware this complaint will be international because this is disrespectable More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Habiba's Picture   Habiba    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disrespectful managers to crew - SOME! Not all

    I'm working at Mcd's and I can say that the first time I got there was pretty fun and enjoyable work place. Managers are so nice! But there are SOME managers and when I say managers, its my Indian manager. SHE is very cranky whenever she gets pressured and stress at work especially when its peak hour like mystery shopper time and some other peak hours (e.g supper, lunch). She tends to yell at her crew and especially when she's tired and I know that is not right. She pushes her crew to their limit and thinking that they can Move very fast than their normal fast. Crews are very... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Ludava04's Picture   Ludava04    0 Comments   Comments
  • mxm unfriendly and rude staff

    I am a single mother of two so always looking for good deals. but i think i have given mcdonals more then enough chances .. ever since we started going to Mcdonalds the service has been awful. whether i go to the one in Kingston, Lester Square, or any of their branches.. the most unfriendly staff that does not listen to your order correctly. no smile with a serves you get the feeling like you are doing the staff a favor by being there. no politeness what so ever. i would rather pay extra then to support this chain again. i would under no circumstances recommend Mcdonals to any of my... More...
    girian's Picture   girian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful management

    My family and I just visited McDonald's in sparks, Nevada, at N. mccarran and pyramid. What an awful experience! Establishment complaints: dirty tables in restaurant and in child's play area, dirty bathroom (men's), floors weren't mopped or swept. Order complaints: old (not fresh) French fries, two different sandwiches missing cheese, three meals missing drinks, no dipping sauce for two happy meals. And worst of all: an employee began sweeping and mopping floors right next to our table as we were trying to eat our poor excuse for a meal! Very poor management! Very... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Lmichelson's Picture   Lmichelson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Two double cheese wait???

    Mc-Donald's lakewood store in CO on alameda near union, On 7-28-13 at 2:00 p.m.,I ordered two double cheese burgers, i was never told of a wait after ordering? The drive thru only had one car in front of me and two behinde me, the employess were not getting slammed with lots of customes the parking lot was not full. I payed then drove to second window, The employee told me to wait in parking spot #2 for two double cheese burgers, i pulled in then decided to leave!!! Its fast food and double cheese is the number one thing ordered? NOT GOING BACK no matter how hungry or broke i... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Nail's Picture   Nail    1 Comments   Comments
  • dirty food

    so i went to mcdonalds location n22ndst in lou kyorder two big mac and a grilled oion burger meal to make a long story short i bit into my big mac felt a sharp pain spit out what i chewed and there it was a pink diamond stud of some sorth well i told upper managment they then retrive the idemnext thing i knew the insurance compay did call but said there was nothing they could do this is a muti million doaller company and there is nothing they could do it was told that there not allowed to wear jewlery b.s. they do it all the time not only that you ought to seeit first hand how they act... More...
    begood's Picture   begood    0 Comments   Comments
  • incorrect orders

    The problem my family keeps having is incorrect orders from the local McDonald's. They mixed up 5 of the last six orders. The tickets are always correct but the orders keep being put together wrong. The last time on 5/27/13 I went back in the store and showed the manager. She went back and had the order redone. This still does not fix the problem of the orders coming out wrong on the drive through. By the way, the manager kept the receipt the last time. This is the Mcdonalds in Port Lavaca, Tx. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    salcij's Picture   salcij    1 Comments   Comments
  • Only 3 people working in whole store!

    We saw that the drive thru line was backed up to the Gas Station on Nobel Dr. & Genesee %u2026San Diego, Ca. %u2026so we decided to go in %u2026.but hell there were 15 cars outside and 20 people in a single line from the register backed up to almost the back restrooms. Tuesday 5/21/13 10:00pm at night%u2026.I asked the one person up front if the manager was around to get another person up front to the register and she said she was the manager and there were no other people she could put on another register. There was one person in back on the grill and a person on drive... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    nannan5858's Picture   nannan5858    0 Comments   Comments
  • McDonalds Salem Oregon Market & I5 exit

    Worse McDonald's I ever went into. Dirty, unfriendly staff, and slower than a snail getting covered with salt. I ordered a cheese burger and fries while on the way from the beach. at 17:32p it took 22 min to get and it was partially raw when I received it and the lady at the counter named Tammy was very snarky... told me when I confronted her about how long it took said, "Well, You have a nice Mother's Day too"! Then walked away. Being by the freeway I should have waited to go to the one in Keizer where the service is much better and cleaner. This one should be called... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    rotortraveler's Picture   rotortraveler    0 Comments   Comments
  • McDonald's hanging food and drinks outside the window

    I am writing to make my dissatisfaction known, regarding McDonald's new tactic. I do not like to see my cup and bag of food hanging outside of the window of McDonald's drive-thru. After questioning the young lady at the window regarding this issue, I learned that they have to do this in order to "speed up" the drive-thru line. It honestly makes me want to ask for my money back and drive off. I clearly understand that you want the drive-thru to flow smoothly, and remain under a certain time frame, but can't you find a better way? I came to work and asked to see if i... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Naomie2's Picture   Naomie2    0 Comments   Comments
  • A live Worm!

    I went to Mcdonald's on 5601 Vine Street Philadelphia Pa, 19131 and I do every morning I ordered my usual which is hot cakes and 2 bacon eggs, cheese and a small orange juice and A LARGE SWEET TEA! Well as I was driving home I opened my straw and proceed to drink my tea, on and off while driving home and while I was drinking my tea I felt something in my mouth and I spit it out and it was a 3-4 inch redish worm in my drink! I freaked out and cried, and called mcdonalds corp. And made the complain, then I call my lawyer and the cop and lastly I called all the news chanels I could think... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Jrue08's Picture   Jrue08    1 Comments   Comments
  • hiring positions

    I have applied here everyday and i have been trying to get a job and when my brother applies here he gets the job in a week but when i go to apply i am told i am not getting the job. is it something i did wrong or something. Now that my brother works there i can work there because i was told family cant work in the same restraunt and i believe its un fair how Sandy chose my brother after a week over someone who has been trying fr 6 months More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Jeffsmashlan's Picture   Jeffsmashlan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Done with McDonalds

    Today was the final straw. Every single time they get it wrong. When I order my qp with pickles, tomato and ketchup only, no cheese you would think that's what I'd get. It came with onions and lettuce. When I took a look before leaving the counter, the nice lady said sorry after looking at the receipt to make sure it was ordered correctly. Her manager yipped at her saying it had onions and lettuce because she didn't say no onions or no lettuce. The receipt reads ONLY pickles lettuce and tomato's. When I got my second burger there was mustard in the box and lettuce... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    sunshineahead's Picture   sunshineahead    0 Comments   Comments
  • McDonald's coffee way too hot.

    Several months ago my mother and I ate at the McDonald's on Lee Highway in Bristol, VA. They offer to add the cream, etc., to your coffee, but if you want to drink it with your meal you have to add ice. This time, I don't know if the table was wobbly or what, but while I was gone to get some ice, my mother removed the lid from her coffee and turned it over scalding her left hand and the left side of her stomach and leg. I saw it happen and ran over and pulled her shirt away from her body or she would have been burned worse. Only one person at the restaurant offered to help. They... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Rhonda123's Picture   Rhonda123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Half Full?? Really?

    The McDonalds on the corner of Elk Grove Blvd & Harbour Point employs some of the stupidest managers possible. I went through a drive through, ordered my kid a hamburger happy meal, paid, got my stuff, got home and when I opened it, she had only 5 small french fries. And when I say small, I mean the length that a quarter is tall. Now I understand the fry box itself is small, but come on, I know what they use to fill these containers and it's like she just got the crumbs that were sitting on the side of the counter. When I called and spoke to a manager, I asked her if all happy... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    clcomm's Picture   clcomm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I went here one day at 10:50am to get lunch and was told they were still on breakfast. Remind you McDonald's breakfast is typically over at 10:30 so I left and went to hardees for lunch (even though they actually do usually serve breakfast until 11). I went to this same McDonald's today at 10:25am and they told me they were on lunch so once again I left. When I got home I called and talked to the manager and she kept cutting me off and trying to argue to begin with until I just spoke over her. She was very unprofessional! I do not plan on going here in the future and will suggest... More...
    Jessicanicole's Picture   Jessicanicole    0 Comments   Comments
  • McDonald's employs losers

    My wife was driving through Lampasas, Texas, this morning. She was so tired, she decided to go to the McDonald's Drive Thru and get some oatmeal. She also ordered a cup of hot water. When she gets to the window, she was told that the walnuts she was supposed to receive in the oatmeal were not available. But that's not the way she was told. "You can't have walnuts!" Also, "No, we can't give you a cup of hot water!"(that she was willing to pay for) When she drove a few miles, and pulled over, she found out that she evidently was not allowed to have a... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Mcdonalds-Pendleton Or. - Horribly frustrating customer service

    At 1130 AM my husband enters this Mc donalds and orders one cheeseburger. He is told to wait. He waits 5 minutes as 7 customers after him get their food and still has not received his ONE cheeseburger. He then goes back up to the counter and ask for his cheeseburger. The counter person then replied, "OH! What did you order?" My husband replied, "I just told you, a cheeseburger". The attendant went and grabbed a cheeseburger, put it in a bag and gave it to my husband. The worker didn't say sorry, no thank you, the worker just turned around and seemed to be irritated... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    LWanous's Picture   LWanous    0 Comments   Comments
  • ripped off my arch card balance

    my mom so far is out $30.00 because when she reloaded her arch card the employee either accidentally or maliciously made an operator error and it did not register the $30.00 balance but instead stated my mom had used up the balance in purchases, my mom is old and goes there every Saturday AM for a breakfast sandwich, when she returned a week later(following Sat.) and tried to use her arch card, she had no positive balance.. my mom is partially to blame for not checking the receipt, but there are new employees almost daily (high turnover) and it makes you wonder about the motives about the... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    pie44mee's Picture   pie44mee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not 1 order right!!!

    My husband and I started out our Holiday travel with a stop @ Mcdonalds in Hamilton, NJ. Sausage egg, Diet coke, 1 peppermint mochca coffee. That's not what we got. Mcmuffin w/egg and regular coffee. Ok, we were going on vacation, it's the Holidays so we lauged. Next stop Newport News, Virginia, the Mcdonalds there also once again, Wrong! Now we stop laughing, its annoying. We're on the road so we don't go back. One more time, Delaware, 2 cheeseburgers, diet coke and Large fries. We got 1 hamburger, coke and small fries, when on the drive through thing that... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    katvac3's Picture   katvac3    0 Comments   Comments
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