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McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, primarily selling hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts. More recently, it also offers salads, fruit, snack wraps, and carrot sticks.

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McDonalds Reviews

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  • Great Customer service

    Hello I would like a say how wonderful this team is they have great customer service. I always love to come this particular restaurant they are always friendly. Even though I lived not to close to this McDonalds they always make me feel happy in the morning. If I ever have a problem they are always quick to fix it. I also want to say one employee Ms Mary is always so happy and never is happy and deserves a great reward. She always make you feel like a valued customer. Please let them know that someone think they are doing a great job and I will recommend the public to come to this restaurant. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    dms07054's Picture   dms07054    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good customer service

    McDonalds in Berwyn Pa, I had a large order. Walked in the restaurant to place the order. I was greated with a smile and a pleasant voice. I placed the order and received it in 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Good team work and the person at the counter handling the orders name was Joy..... she deserves the credit for fast and certious service at this McDonalds. I will order there again More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Timekeeper's Picture   Timekeeper    0 Comments   Comments
  • POS Improvement

    Hello! I am a McDonald's employee at store 31877, employee number 011620693. I noticed that Microsoft will be ending support of your current operating system of Windows XP Embedded on 1/12/2016. I would like to suggest that you consider switching to a Linux operating system to replace it. Linux has been successfully used in POS systems, servers, and routers and has been used in POS systems as well. The benefit of Linux is that it never needs to be restarted, servers have run successfully for years without a single restart. Linux is also free, the only cost would be with the... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    denim921's Picture   denim921    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad tasting tomatoes in salads

    I love their food and eat alot of their salads to stay healthy.Their salads taste good except their tomatoes. They are not rotten tasting but have a funny chemical taste. Many times I see people set their tomatoes aside and talking to them they say the same thing. I even talked to a manager and she agreed and said she does'nt eat them either.Ilive on the east coast and wonder where they get their tomatoes. Its not the local grocery store cause their's taste good. More...
    rosie111's Picture   rosie111    1 Comments   Comments
  • Great review

    I wish to congradulate the members of the McDonlad store #14060, in Clear Springs, MD. We have serveral German girls traveling thru USA..One forgot her wallet in that store. She has her receit and called the store from West Virginia. The overnited it to her to our home in St. Louis, MO. Everything was great and intact with a nice sum of $ (untouched) To see the happiness on the girls faces was our thanks to your great staff.I called a person by the name of Vicky at that location to thank her. However, this should be brought to your attention as to the great service that was received. It... More...
    downey's Picture   downey    1 Comments   Comments
  • Food poisoning complaints

    My two children went to mcdonalds with their father bk in dec the same day they started vomitting i phoned mcdonalds bout this and she kept on fobbing me off with excuses i tk them to hospital and they confirmed it was fd poisoning i phoned again to mcdonalds and told they said i had to show them the report whicj i did and tld her what the doctors said she went quiet and she said oh yeah i forgot that children stomach are so sensitive i was mad and said you said to me that adults and kids take 24 hrs for effects to hpn so the sme wk i emailed mcdonalds complaint and sent thm my complaint... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Akila's Picture   Akila    0 Comments   Comments
  • Winner

    The Southwestern Salad from McDonald's is a winner. All the green veggies taste very fresh and crisp and the grilled corn and the black beans are very tasty. Carrots were sweet and sliced thin. The grilled chicken was tender and had an authentic grilled taste and the balance between the sweet dressing that comes on the salad and the Newman's Own Southwestern Dressing made it a salad that I ate to the very bottom of the well sized dish. It was so good I just know it has to be bad for me :-( More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    hkinsey3's Picture   hkinsey3    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hamburger in Boxes

    We love to eat at the McDonald's fast food. Just recently, McDonald's packing and wrapping has changed to use the boxes instead. Nature of our business is delivery service and freight-line system. We do have 40 drivers to make a delivery daily and could not eat in the car while driving anymore. Food in the boxes requires two hands to eat. Please let me know what is the rational changing you packing policy. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Charlesh's Picture   Charlesh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Excellent consistently

    When I first came to Boise, ID, one of the places I looked for was McDonald's. I had gone to one in Houston, TX on a regular basis with my children and always had good service and fresh food. Now to welcome me I have found another great McDonald's. I can say that everyone there treated me no matter what time of day or night I have gone in. The food is fresh and hot. It has made me feel more at home in Boise. restaurant: Apple and E. Boise location in Boise, Idaho 83706 Joanne Straub Boise, ID More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    boiseapple's Picture   boiseapple    0 Comments   Comments
  • Improve reputation

    McDonald's please “Claim your company name” on and use our Free “Direct Connect” tools to answer your customers questions, and complaints as well as monitor your brand. You can learn more about how to claim your name and our Direct Connect tools at Fortune 500 and as well as small companies partner with MeasuredUp and use our Free tools to augment their customer service, manage online reputation and build loyalty. If you found this message then you know how important... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    0 Comments   Comments
  • McDonald's Suggestion

    I think McDonald's should make a senior meal just like the kid's meal - same general proportions, etc. Package it cleverly with good food tips - and rather than a toy put something like an inexpensive pedometer, book marks with food tips, little note pads, stickers with food tips - the list could just go on. I am a sixty two year old grandmother that buys lots and lots of Happy Meals - so I think Silver Meals or Clever Meals or Wisdom Meals or something to that effect would sell like hot cakes and would be a good way for McDonald's to promote healthy eating. Also these... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    hodgesd's Picture   hodgesd    25 Comments   Comments
  • Striking back

    For all of those out there who have had repeated bad service at your McDonalds, here's some simple advice: JUST DON'T GO BACK!! Its that simple. Stop making life living Hell for those who work there by coming every day with your stories about how 'this and this happened the last time I was here...' and just go somewhere else. and for all of those people who wrote reviews about eating out three or four nights a week, do your arteries a favour and learn to cook. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    McAnnnoyed's Picture   McAnnnoyed    1 Comments   Comments
  • stupid managers

    don't you hate it when you work for the largest fast food company and when you are done with an overnight shift and the opening manager orders your food for you and you turn around for a moment and turn back and the manager tells you to get the hell off there floor cause your not on there clock with out getting your food?! and the only peson that shes kind to is her fellow boyfriend manager who doenst know shit! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    employee's Picture   employee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fast Food road trip thanks

    I am writing to say that my recent experience at McDonalds was a great one. I had to stop in real quick for a fast lunch for me and the family while we were on a road trip. The counter staff was friendly, the bathroom was clean an the food was well done. I know when i go to a fast food restaurant that i should not expect too much for my money but McDonalds consistently delivery a good experience. Even though i do not go that often i always know the stop will be satisfying. Too often fast food places make customers feel interchangeable, more like cattle then people, no pun... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • 02/20/08---Today my wife and I...

    02/20/08---Today my wife and I had lunch at McDonalds in Shamokin Dam, PA. As usual , the manager, Mr. Dadderio gave us a big hello. Getting a , "Have a great day, "is always a good way to start your lunch. One of the employees, Darlene waited on us. She has waited on us several times and every time it has been a real pleasurable experience. Darlene not only services you ,she will tell you of any new items and specials etc. What a nice lunch we had. Please let these people know that customers do notice when things are done well. My wife and I love to go to this McDonalds.... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)


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