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McDonalds Complaint - Bad Sundae Service - service
McDonalds Complaint

McDonalds Complaint


Bad Sundae Service - service

I was purchasing a sundae at the McDonald's near Sear in South Coast Plaza, California on Sunday 5/4/08. I specially asked for a plain sundae when I placed my order. The cashier, Mieral,who seemed annoyed, informed that the sundae comes with toppings. I thought that she might not have heard me with the compounding noise and her lack of interest on the job so I repeated myself again, "I want a plain sundae". But Mieral, doesn't seem to registered my request and again told me for the second time, "it comes with toppings". By now I was a bit annoyed and said "can't you just not put any toppings on my sundae?" The rest is just plain McSuck service. Mieral took her sweet time making the sundae and even striking a conservation with two other employees and throwing my receipt away as if the two dozens customers who stood in line does not matter to her at all. This is the finale. She handed me the sundae and tossed the spoon over the counter to me as if she was throwing a football for a touch down. With customer service like this, McDonald's should be called v McVeryRude. Great job McDonald's for hiring someone like her and if you're the manager/supervisor on duty that Sunday afternoon, congratulation you've lost one valuable customer and still have Mieral to help rid of another one :-)

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friday6 says: (9 years ago)
I purchased a McDonalds Sundae and noticed that there is actually less ice cream in the sundae now. When I complained I was told that management has instructed all stores only to put 3 ounces of ice cream in the sundae. Well, when you do that the sundae doesn't like anything like the picture. So, if you are going to cut back ... don't cut back on the ice cream .. it is too obvious that there is not enough ice cream in the sundae container now. Signed Did you not think that we were going to realized that.

heyrobin says: (9 years ago)
Try asking for ice cream in a sundae cup next time. For the record, it costs less than a sundae. Either way, why bother? Just buy ice cream at the grocery store, you'll get more for your dollar.

The majority of McDonald's workers don't value their job. It's one of the easiest jobs to get, hard to lose (unless you're REALLY awful or you did something illegal), but it sucks working there. What the employee did was uncalled for, though it's not unusual or shocking by any means. Just brush it off and accept that fast food service will suck more often than not, because it's just an overall crappy environment, period. If by chance you happen upon a McDonald's with stellar management, who treat their employees with respect and actually value THEM (instead of giving the illusion that they do), maybe the service and attitude from employees might be consistently better.

They really could care less about losing customers, since most McDonald's customers should get lost anyway.

Also, SomeFlyByNightCo, if you're really serious about getting fresh fries and you're too lazy to make them at home, just ask for "no salt" on the fries (so they have to make fresh ones), and then salt them yourself with salt packets. Same salt.

SomeFlyByNightCo says: (10 years ago)
I have a terrible time getting good fresh hot and crisp fries at the Pine Island @ N.41 store in N. Ft. Myers FL
Especially if it is in the drive-thru so now I go in...not fool proof but whatcha gonna do,...

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