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McDonalds Complaint - McDonalds Poor Service!
McDonalds Complaint

McDonalds Complaint


McDonalds Poor Service!

Here is an email I sent to McDonalds corp. As you can imagine..NO Response

I know this email will most likely NEVER be read and really its Pointless writing to a company that, well lets be Frank, McDonalds really doesn't give a care about their customer Dissatisfaction. Well, this is a email just to make myself feel better. Since I never write or complain, heres my chance to take more time and effort in composing a well stated email than any of your employees could possibly image taking in their costumer service or food preparation. I ask you, is it difficult to just put the proper ingredients on your menu sandwiches? For example today, I ordered an egg McMuffin. That's probably the most Simple sandwich to make, right? No...not here in Decatur, IL they cant even put the Canadian bacon on the sandwich. You ask me, Really is it that big of a deal, I say no not really, but this happens at least 70-80% of the time. I am not exaggerating either. Again, that's why I reiterate the notion that this email is pointless. McDonalds doesn't care AT ALL! People are dumb enough to continue coming back regardless of the poor service and hey.... You get what you get..even if you didn't order it. McDonalds should rename themselves "Perhaps". Simply stated, you may perhaps get what you order, if we feel like it or you may perhaps get half your order and if you wanted something large...well we are going to give you a small just because. I can go on and on with orders that are not complete..say the 4 piece chicken nugget happy meal...well we only received 3 nuggets. My husband asked one of the girls at the window a few months ago if we could please have a ranch packet and the girl looked at him and told him " you don't need to cop an attitude" No I'm not kidding, so I guess asking please is coping an attitude? Are you amazed yet? Well after this incident I called the local restaurant that this happened at (you know the phone number listed on the receipt..luckily we did get one this time) and a nice man answered. I explained what had happened and he asked what she looked like....simple question right? Well more like a loaded one. I stated she was the black girl in the gray sweatshirt at the second window. Stated very simply as such. The man, who had identified himself as the Owner Mr Gary Birschbach told me I was being racist by calling the girl black and really I was lowering myself to her level. I was SHOCKED! My jaw was literally on the floor of the car. I didn't think I heard him correctly. I identified her as Black and in my mind she was the black girl at the second window opposed to the White girl at the first window. Sorry, there is nothing racist about it. And furthermore....I am the customer!!!! Did I get an apology? Nope...remember I called because that wonderful young African-American women told my husband "Not to cop an attitude with her." Heres the problem!!!!! The owner turned it around on me..me the customer and somehow made it my fault she was rude. Its truly shocking. I watched a manager (I can even tell you her name because I was sooo shocked at what was going on..Ann Bishop) she was allowing young men to climb into the second window of the drive through one late night. I know her name because I asked her...my husband and I thought what has happened to the world that this is acceptable? Seriously, I am only 32 but come on!! Is their any work ethic left? The thought of service with a smile is a thing of the past. Not only do you have to check and double check your food bag to make sure you get everything you should...you have to open every container, count your nuggets and open the sandwiches to make sure they put all the ingredients on it. It is simply a disgrace. Well, now that I have taken 30 min out of my day to write an email that will never go anywhere to anyone who cares about the total disregard for customer satisfaction (because that doesn't exist today) but just the total disregard for being civil to others. I laugh every time my husband thanks the person for his change and thanks the person for handing him the bag of food and the audacity of the employees for say YOUR WELCOME....do you see the humor here. We shouldn't be the ones saying Thank you.....they should!! We are the customers!

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