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McDonalds Complaint - Mistake after Mistake - everything
McDonalds Complaint

McDonalds Complaint


Mistake after Mistake - everything

After a long day of hard construction work I pull up in my brown dodge van to the drive through at McDonalds located in Jersey City,New Jersey. It's at the intersection of Mallory Ave and Communipaw Ave. I ordered 2big macs without cheese,2chicken sandwichs,2twenty pc chicken nuggets,2large cokes.During my ordering the girl who took my order became very rude and said to me "dam,is that it"and"are you done yet"I couldn't believe my ears.So when I pull up to pay I ask her was she really talking to me,she replyed "whatever" took my money and walked away from the register. It took her 10 minutes to return and give me change. By the way it was wrong which I had to physically get out the van knock on the glass and get my right change. Then I pulled up to the next window to get my food and they told me to pull to the side and they will bring it out to me. So I did. They brought to me 2 bigmacs with cheese 2fish sandwichs 1ten pc chicken nuggets 2cokes. I went back inside and had to wait 10 more minutes because I had to get back in line. Then I ask for some sauces for the nuggets .they gave me four. 1sauces for every 10 nuggets,so I had to pay for extras. Like I said mistake after mistake.

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slop101 says: (9 years ago)
I just paid for a double quarter pounder at the drive-thru, and when I got home, discovered just a single. How do they mess that up? And what recourse do I have - I'm already home and it's impossible to prove they messed up. Thing is, this is no isolate incident. This McD's messes up CONSTANTLY - and like an idiot, I go back, thinking that they can't possibly mess up again. But I'm always proven wrong. How can I report this specific McD's location?

Elagente004 says: (10 years ago)
In palm valley Mc donalds located in Goodyear AZ,there is a form of slavery going on,there is hard working people that are not getting paid for the extra labor that they have to do. People that open Mc donalds,the people that close it,people that load off the truck.Why is this happening when these people enered this Mcdonalds
theywere told that they were going to be wage reviewed every six months and that any extra work that is out of their job description is suppose to be a wage raise,but there is people who have been workin in this place for two or more years and do extra work and are not getting paid for it or gotten a wage review.Why is this going on?The managers really dont care about the welleness of their employeese, all they want is the free labor and this is a form of slavery.These emplyers need to start paying people for what they do because with out them they wouldnt have anything.This dispicable act needs to stop

madasuknowwhat says: (10 years ago)
This is a comment on McDonalds. I went to a McDonald's in Chicago, Il on 5656 West Irving Park Road yesterday and ordered two caramel sundaes and 1 medium fry. The fries were for my son. A little after I drove away from the drive through, my son said, "Mom look, there's hardly any fries in here. I looked and the fry box was half way filled. So I said, "No way, were going back". I immediately went back to the drive through and told the manager the fries were given to us half way full. The manager looked and told me, you ate those fries and now you're coming back for more. I was shocked. I said, "Are you kidding? I would not waste time driving a block away, slam some fries, then come right back for more. I love McDonald's fries, but come on." The manager looked at me with a blank face and said, "No, I will not give you a full box of fries. You ate those and you're stuck with them." I told him, there was no way I was going to accept his behavior and asked for Corporate's number. He shouted, hey the number is on the bag if want to call. There's a 1-800 number on there, he said, then told me I was holding up the line so move. I told him I was not going anywhere until he either refunded my money or give me a fresh filled box of fries. He said fine. He grabbed the box of fries I returned to him, simply throwing more fries over them and gave them back. I was livid. By this time, I parked in McDonalds lot and went inside. I told the manager he was gonna get this right. I demanded a freshly made box of fries. After more customers came in and more useless dialogue between him and I, he finally conceded and gave me the fries. I wasted 20 minutes going back and forth with this manager, until he got it right. I got his name off his badge and called McDonald's corporate office the very next morning. I've vowed to him and to McDonald's corporate, I would never, ever, ever go to that McDonald's again, due to that managers unbelievably crude behavior.

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